An artistic and committed collaboration

Art in the service of others

In 2023, CQFD is committed to the foundation. For the occasion, Olivier Goy, co-founder of photo4food, entrepreneur and photographer, has agreed to shoot the spring 2023 campaign for the CQFD House in Deauville.

During this exceptional day, the first creations of the House passed under the committed and militant lens of Olivier Goy.

CQFD decided to donate a portion of the profits from its January pre-orders to the foundation and the photos from the campaign were also donated to photo4food so that they could be sold on their site.

Each photo purchased means over 400 meals donated.

The photo4food foundation was created in 2020 by Virginie and Olivier Goy. Its mission is to finance meals for the most underprivileged through the sale of art photographs taken by recognized artists. These artists put their art at the service of others by donating some of their works to the foundation. Thanks to their generosity and the proceeds from the sale of these photos, photo4food is able to support associations mobilized against poverty and hunger, including: Les Restos du Coeur, Août Secours Alimentaire and le Chaînon Manquant...

"This foundation brings together two things that are particularly close to our hearts: photography and helping those who still cannot feed themselves in France. This idea came about as a matter of course. - Olivier Goy.

Find the works of Olivier Goy on the site