"Free to be yourself and to stay that way."

The development of a CQFD creation takes several months. 

In order to offer inclusive clothing in line with reality, the House has surrounded itself with qualified design offices and pattern makers. 

The cuts are precisely adjusted, fitting after fitting, on different body shapes, until a perfect, structured and comfortable fit is reached. CQFD offers an almost made-to-measure tailoring.

It is this meticulous and inclusive work that allows CQFD to offer each piece of clothing in a choice of sizes from US size 4 to 26 and more on request.

To help you, a size recommendation tool is available on each product page. You can also refer to the size guide below.

CQFD size guide from 34 to 56

How to take your measurements correctly?

CQFD measurement diagram - Inclusive fashion - How to take your measurements?

If in doubt, you can write to us: