CQFD is a French luxury house that lives in its time. 100% digital, inclusive and responsible.  

An intuitive label, offering chic and comfortable clothes created to enhance all women, without size limit. 

CQFD exists thanks to its partners, craftsmen of excellence, guarantors of French and European know-how.

The revolution in the textile industry is not only creative. It is human and positive.

Be aware of environmental issues.

The textile and fashion industry, one of the most polluting in the world, is not slowing down as shown by the rise of fast fashion and ultra fast fashion

An industry that is harmful to the environment and to human beings. Workers exploited on the other side of the world, greenhouse gas emissions due to the production and transportation of clothing, massive use of synthetic materials from the petrochemical industry... As a result, 500,000 tons of plastic microparticles are released into the oceans every year*.

Low prices for the consumer have a social and environmental cost for all. CQFD

*Source: Ellen McArthur

Environmental impact of fast fashion, microplastic and pollution. CQFD as a solution: slow fashion, pre-order, responsible and sustainable fashion in short circuit
Fast fashion impact on the environment. Need for a responsible consumption in pre-order, in short circuit in France and in Italy, for an ethical and sustainable slow fashion
Fight against cultural obsolescence and overproduction of fast fashion through pre-ordering, French and Italian production and timeless quality clothing
Life cycle of fast fashion clothes with serious environmental consequences (pollution, waste, fauna and flora)
Fight against cultural obsolescence and overproduction.

Cultural obsolescence in the textile industry is the art of renewing clothes before they are out of use, simply to keep up with trends.

Fashion brands seduce with novelty and therefore overproduce. The collections multiply. Clothes are made in deplorable conditions with low-end fabrics in order to offer attractive prices... These low prices push to consumption. Consequence: consumers, influenced by new trends, frequently renew their wardrobe. The clothes they buy accumulate and will only be worn for 35 days on average*. 

According to the ADEME, since 2002, "we buy 60% more clothes that we keep half as long".

*Source Newsweek

Pre-ordering, an efficient system to fight against compulsive buying and overproduction.

To consume less but better, to choose a sustainable, ethical, responsible fashion, low-polluting materials, a short circuit manufacture, a quality clothing

Buy less, but better.

That is a fact: quality has a price. Like any other purchase, the purchase of clothing must be considered as an investment that must meet certain requirements. Raw fabrics that do not pollute and are solid, quality manufacturing, reasoned and local production, healthy distribution... 

A thoughtful purchase limits our environmental impact and stands the test of time.

Act for positive and inclusive fashion.

Fashion is no longer standardized on a US size 4. CQFD creates timeless clothes adapted to each body. The cuts are studied and thought to emphasize the diversity of all morphologies, without size limit.

It is no longer the woman who adapts to the garment, but the garment that adapts to the woman.

CQFD acts for a positive and inclusive fashion for all women. Large and plus size clothing, from size 36 to 56 and more, almost made-to-measure

"Every woman is free to be herself and to remain so."

Ethical and responsible luxury at the right price, the price of quality and French and Italian clothing using the unique know-how of partner workshops

Choose ethical luxury at a fair price.

Luxury is above all a question of quality, not price. CQFD makes luxury more transparent through clear communication on the fabrics used and its partner workshops. As a 100% digital brand, the absence of intermediaries allows us to reduce margins and offer a fair price.


a responsible, reasoned, healthy and fair fashion for all those who create it and those who wear it.